The owner's strategy is constantly changing; every time he voices it, it's different
Each member of the team has their own strategy, causing each leader to pull the company in their own direction
Beautiful slogans are heard, bright ambitions are voiced, but specifics take a back seat, ignored, and sophistry wins out
The company strives to be the best in everything (fast, high quality, and low-priced products or services), but the goals are mutually exclusive
I could hire consultants to develop a strategy for us, formalize it into a document, and help me present it to the team and partners. However, I don't want to hire cheap consultants, and it's premature to hire expensive ones. I already have a strategy in my head, it just needs to be extracted, formalized, and communicated
Bertha Parisienne CEO Humathèq
How to do this
What does my company look like today
Describe the current state of the company, which is the starting point for the strategic path, it is important to describe this state as objectively as possible
What do I want my company to look like tomorrow
We model the desired image of the future company, which will be the final point of this strategic interval - we model the target business model
What do we need to do to achieve this
We develop an extremely specific action plan, thanks to which the company will move from the current state to the desired one

This section is about actions, dates, budgets, intermediate results, participation, and responsibility of each person
Modelling the target business model
Advantages of the concept strategy
comparison with classical strategy
  • It's brief and to the point, everything is very concise, so the document, unlike an academic strategy, will be read to the end
  • It is done 4 times faster: concept strategy in a week, classical strategy in 1-2 months, sometimes longer
  • The price of concept strategy is 20 times lower than the one for the classical strategy: cost of 1 iPhone versus $30K+ (perhaps 20 concept strategies will bring more benefits than one academic strategy)
Концепт-стратегия, которая включает:

  1. Образ будущего компании в виде бизнес-модели
  2. Стратегические KPI и их целевые значения
  3. Основные действия, которые приведут компанию к образу будущего
  4. Ценности, которые важно разделись с каждым участником команд
    Who does it
    The owner of the company or the first person fills out the online questionnaire, the neural network is constantly trained by high-class business consultants from around the world, processes the information, and provides the result
    The cost of developing a concept strategy is
    $ 1 599
    This is exactly the price of the top iPhone (iPhone 14 Pro Max 1tb), which you already have